THE BLOG: Our Oceans drive global systems that make it possible to live on Earth. Green-Ships.com is a blog dedicated to raise awareness on the efforts and progress the maritime industry is making towards sustainability and protection of the environment. The blog brings forward discussions about green and sustainable technology and what is new in shipping regarding environmental protection.

THE AUTHOR: The main author is Ms. Diana Mihalache who has been working onboard ships for the past 12 years out of which, 9 years as an Environmental Officer sailing in different parts of the world.

I’ve been lucky enough to experience what is like to sail to a new country, new region or continent and to have to be fully aware on what their environmental restrictions and requirements are. This can be extremely challenging at times but I loved every second of it. I am thrilled to share my experience on green-ships.com as I am sure this will be a win-win situation.” (D.M.)

THE CONTENT: You can expect to read about how ships operate from an environmental point of view, what green technology the industry is currently using and what should we expect to see in the near future.

THE READERS: Our readers can have various ages. From students or cadets doing research for their school projects, to professionals who are interested in learning more on the subject or even tourists who enjoy sailing and wonder how ships operate.

VOLUNTEERS WANTED: We are always happy to welcome volunteers to our team. If you are passionate about the maritime environment and enjoy writing, please use the contact form in the next page and let us know! We would love to have you in our team!