The Ocean Cleanup and A.P. Moller-Maersk Extend Partnership with Three Years

A.P. Møller-Maersk has extended its partnership with The Ocean Cleanup for three more years continuing this way to provide marine support to rid the ocean for plastic. 

To achieve this goal, they aim to stop the inflow via rivers and clean up what has already accumulated in the ocean. Its ultimate goal is reaching a 90% reduction of floating ocean plastic by 2040.


The Ocean Cleanup

Since 2018, Maersk Supply Service has provided marine support for The Ocean Cleanup. Its anchor handlers Maersk LauncherMaersk Transporter and Maersk Handler and crew have been supporting various test phases of the off-shore operation in the Pacific Ocean and the North Sea. The first collection of plastic waste was turned into new, fully recycled products in late 2020.

“Our seafarers sail the ocean every day and see the increasing problem with plastic polluting our oceans. As a responsible maritime operator, Maersk Supply Service is committed to ensuring the oceans remain a healthy environment for future generations to come. We look forward to continuing the collaboration with The Ocean Cleanup and providing project management and marine support over the coming years,” said Steen S Karstensen, CEO of Maersk Supply Service.

Besides support with vessel operations and offshore project management, Maersk will now support The Ocean Cleanup with:

  • logistics end-to-end handling services, ranging from worldwide shipment from different locations to airfreight, container & special transport, customs clearance and warehouse and storage management;
  • by deploying scientific sensor technology aboard Maersk’s own fleet to map plastic floating in the oceans and help the organization have a better understanding of the severity of the problem they are working to solve.

The goal is to assist The Ocean Cleanup in mapping concentrations of harmful plastic in the world’s oceans to better focus The Ocean Cleanup’s efforts. “What better way to map the oceans than to harness one of the world’s largest fleets?” said Robin Townley, Head of Special Project Logistics at Maersk.

A Plastic Policy

At the same time, Maersk Supply Service is launching a Plastic Policy to increase its focus on how it can reduce plastic waste from its own operations and supply chain. The policy has three guiding principles:

  1. To use their marine expertise to help come up with solutions to rid plastic from the oceans
  2. Avoid unnecessary plastic in their operations
  3. Engage with suppliers, partners, customers and employees to find solutions to minimise plastic use and then be transparent about results and learnings

“Plastic waste in our oceans is an increasing issue. With the new Plastic Policy, we commit to how we will work to reduce our plastic footprint and actively take part in solving this global environmental problem. We will do this in partnerships and close collaboration – with our employees, suppliers, partners, customers and industry peers. A great takeaway from the collaboration with The Ocean Cleanup is the willingness people have to find solutions that are both impactful for the marine industry and are bettering for the environment. We believe that we can make a change and we can do more together,” said Karstensen.

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