Eyesea – keeping your eye on the ocean pollution

Earlier this week, Eyesea, a notprofit organisation that plans to use technology and the support of the shipping industry to collect and process oceanic pollution data, was launched.

The data collected from seafarers, shipowners, managers and maritime professionals is used to build detailed maps and charts available free of charge to governments, clean-up groups, researchers, local authorities and a range of other stakeholders. This way, Eyesea hopes to enable them to conduct targeted clean-up actions and to focus their resources and policies to improve prevention.

“With the full support of the shipping community we believe Eyesea is a game-changer for global maritime pollution,” said Eyesea founder, Graeme Somerville-Ryan.

Currently around 60 commercial ships and superyachts are preparing for sea trials of the Eyesea app.

The Eyesea app will allow them to collect and submit data on marine pollution by simply taking a photo and categorising the pollution type.

Images are then automatically geotagged, anonymised, and verified before being incorporated into a comprehensive database of pollution to enable Eyesea to create detailed oceanic maps and charts.

Somerville-Ryan said he had been overwhelmed by support from the shipping industry.

“Once I explained what I wanted to achieve, the response from the maritime industry was fantastic. “

“Everyone is welcome – it’s a long coast and a big ocean. We can only tackle pollution at sea by getting everyone involved, helping with whatever part they can.” said Somerville-Ryan

The development of the Eyesea reporting technology was funded by ChartWorld, the industry’s leading provider of digital navigation technology. CEO Steven Schootbrugge and Business Development Manager Oliver Schwarz have committed extensive resources to the initiative.

Is Eyesea is an opportunity for seafarers and the wider shipping community that cares about the environmental health of the oceans to take meaningful action? We truly hope so. We also look forward to further announcements that are expected over the coming month in regards to companies involved in the initiatives and results from early data collection.

For now, if you are interested in learning more in the project, you can check out www.eyesea.org.

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