MSC Cruises wins NAMEPA Environmental Award

Every year, NAMEPA (North American Marine Environment Protection Association) recognizes companies, educators, associations, government agencies, academic institutions and individuals whose efforts support their mission to the “Save Our Seas” program.

This year, among the winners, MSC Cruises was recognized with the Maritime Industry category award.

In a press release, MSC Cruises said the award notes its environmental work and acknowledges three key sustainability milestones achieved in 2019:

  • the start of construction of MSC World Europa, the first of up to nine latest generation LNG-powered vessels to join the company’s fleet in the next decade. With significantly reduced emissions, MSC Europa will incorporate a trial of solid oxide fuel cell technology to further assist the development of this advanced technology towards decarbonisation efforts.
  • the restoration of Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve in the Bahamas to its original, pristine state. MSC Cruises is now working to establish a coral nursery and a marine laboratory on the island to support the regeneration of coral and ocean wildlife around the island. When completed, these two projects will become a central feature of guests experience on the island.
  • and the meaningful steps taken to phase out single-use plastic items across the fleet.

Other significant achievements in sustainability in 2019 for MSC Cruises include the following:

  • the newly launched MSC Foundation become an important vehicle to channel MSC Cruises’ charitable efforts and to further enhance relationships with the local communities. During Hurricane Dorian in The Bahamas in August and September MSC provided humanitarian relief, delivering containers of water, rice, generators and building materials.
  • In 2019, the number and diversity of employees at MSC Cruises grew with over 8,000 men and women, from 124 nationalities joining the MSC Cruises family.

In a press release, Pierfrancesco Vago, MSC Cruises’ Executive Chairman said: “We are honored to receive this award, which recognizes our ongoing efforts to embrace a zero-impact future. As a company we are unequivocally committed to protecting the environment, the coastal communities that we reach and all our employees. Our long-term vision is to become an environmental leader within the overall maritime sector. We are doing this by constantly taking steps to decrease our fleet’s environmental impact and investing in the accelerated development of next-generation environmental technologies and solutions.”

Vago added: “At MSC Cruises, our priority is the sea and the oceans. And as a family company we always prioritized the long term over short term considerations. Despite the challenges that our industry currently faces, our eyes remain fixed on our long-term environmental ambitions.”

MSC Cruises recently published its 2019 Sustainability Report .The Report highlights the company’s vision to become an environmental leader in the global maritime sector, draws a pathway for the Company to ever more fully embrace a sustainable future, and summarizes key sustainability milestones achieved in the past year.

Congratulations MSC Cruises!!

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