Three Sustainable cruises to embark on

If you miss travelling like I do and dream of somewhere to escape the lockdown and every day stress then you will enjoy a bit of daydream in this article. And of course, if you are passionate about sustainability and green ships then the below should interest you even more.

Although all cruise lines have reduced their environmental footprint in recent years and have implemented new technologies and policies that go beyond what is regulated, there are some cruise lines that stand out when it comes to their environmental efforts. If you are also wondering how the buffet food is on there, sorry I can’t help you with that.

So here is our pick of the environmentally focused cruise companies today:

Follow the sun with – TradeWind Voyages

The new ambitious luxury cruise line knows that being sustainable goes a long way in business these days. Their vessel, Golden Horizon, is the largest square-rigged sailing ship in the world, offering guests in the 140 sea-view cabins the charm and romance of an historic ship, coupled with modern luxury. It is scheduled to debut from May 2021, heading east of the UK and aims to sail without engines for 70% of the season.

TradeWind says their voyages are tailored to the ocean’s natural course with a simple but unique philosophy: they will follow the sun, using the winds and the currents, to reach magical beach and port destination.

Well done and smooth sailing TradeWind Voyages!

feel like a winner with – AmaWaterways

What makes AmaWaterways stand out is the fact that the company’s 18 river cruise ships in its European fleet have all earned the prestigious Green Award certification. This program is an independent accreditation process for ocean vessels, inland barges and river cruise ships as a mark for ships that demonstrate high safety and environmental standards.

The fleet-wide certification followed AmaKristina becoming the first river cruise ship to receive this designation.

Demonstrating its commitment to protecting and preserving the world’s rivers, AmaWaterways’ contemporary vessels are thoughtfully designed with eco-friendly elements, such as LED lights, insulated windows to reduce energy needs for heating and cooling, ship-to-shore connection to reduce emissions while in ports, solar heating systems and advanced waste water treatment plants.

Well done AmaWaterways and keep leading the way on river cruise sustainability!

empower the local community with – DELFIN AMAZON CRUISES

Delfin Amazon cruises visits one of the most remote environments in the world so being sustainable ensures also a long life for their business.

The company focuses on social sustainability mostly partnering with local foundations, such as KUYAPA Foundation, to engage in a range of initiatives to protect the environment and support native communities.

Besides offering support through donations of medical supplies, educational resources and projects to improve community infrastructure, Delfin’s greatest contribution is their commitment to local artisans, particularly women and children of the Puerto Miguel community. Featuring many unique art pieces on board their vessels, the guests are encouraged to support remote communities by purchasing some of their colourful works. Along with monetary support, purchasing their artworks empowers individuals and the community at large to value their unique culture and artistic skills.

Well done Delfin Amazon Cruises for leaving a positive mark on the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve as you share it with the world!

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